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Cover Me Chapter 200

This is where I explain my year and a half long absence.......................................

Enjoy the chapter!

Chapter 200Collapse )

Cover Me Chapter 199

A Chapter! Feel the Shock people! The Shock!

NOTICE: The second half of this chapter is NOT edited. If you spot any mistakes, please let me know! I myself had to go back and re-read the last 5 chapters because I couldn't for the life of me remember who was where and what was going on. Here's hoping it flows!

Chapter 199Collapse )

Creeps out of the shadows

O.o Wow! I'm not nearly here enough, am I? :( Sorry for that. Been rather hectic as late.

COVER ME: I actually DO have 7 pages typed for the next chapter of CM, but I'm not really feeling it as of yet. :( I know how I'm going to end it and what I still have left to type, (Fig and Epps are being pains in the you know what) and have been tweaking it here and there but it just doesn't seem like an epic Chapter 199 to me. ... Oh well. Even if I scrap what I have and start all over, it's probably going to come out the same so I think I'm just going to have sit on my butt to finish off the last few pages and post it. (in other words, expect a chapter some time around the end of the week)

INTO THE FIRE: Again, I have about 2-3 pages done and I know what I'm doing with this chapter and what I have left to write for it, but I've been finding myself turning on my computer with the intention to write either this or CM and end up just sitting there playing spider solitaire or what not for about two hours. O.o? Dang distractions! Going to see what I can do this week and should hopefully post new chapter with CM!

OTHER WRITINGS: ... yeah, not happening. :(

The crap no one is really intrested in...Collapse )

~Returns to the shadows~


Cover Me 198

Cover Me

Written By The Black Dragon Queen

Chapter 198.Collapse )

Long Week

WOW! Today is actually my first day off from work since... huh, LAST Monday! We had 3 people on vacation. Talk about exhausting. -_-

Well, there are a few more chapters to my HOBBIT fic if anyone is interested.

Chapter Four
Chapter Five
Chapter Six

Entire Fic

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

The Hobbit Fanfic

So I bit the bullet. Since Kallipso and I got our copies of "THE HOBBIT" last month, we've been devouring fics and low and behold... I couldn't resist starting my own. /headdesk/

So if you are a Hobbit fan, here you are. It's a Time Travel fic so SPOILERS FOR THE MOVIE/BOOK!

It's only on AO3. Enjoy!

He was given one year to try again and make things right.

Chapter One
Chapter Two
Chapter Three


Cover Me 196

Author's Notes: Yeah... this was suppose to be up last week. ... ^^a sorry

Once again, please let me know if you still wish for me to post the actual chapters here in Live journal or if it would be better to just link to AO3

Cover Me 196: Oh BrotherCollapse )

I <3 Ramsay

The new opening to Hell's Kitchen Season 11... is Transforming Kitchen Appliances! /DIES/ And Gorden is Megatron! XD

Which is hysterical because usually when I'm writing Cover Me, People ask "What music do you listen to?" and I reply: "Hell's Kitchen" because I'm always watching my DVDs/VHS'.

So yeah... be prepared for a new chapter within the week!

In other news, Kallipso got me into The Hobbit... which is all I've been reading for 2 weeks... and already have an idea for a fic. >XD And an outline...

Cover Me Chapter 195

Hi everyone! I have a question for you who read my fic here. Do you prefer that I continue posting entire chapters here in LJ or would you mind if I start linking to my AO3 page? I honestly do not mind posting here but I thought I'd ask all the same!

Chapter 195: Seeking SupportCollapse )

My Kingdom for a Good DBZ fic!

So a few weeks ago, one of the only Dragon Ball Z trilogy of fics started to update again! ( Fic & Squeal & Squeal to the Squeal {and the one that's updating}) Okay, yay for updates! But then a few weeks later, the one and only DBZ ongoing fan comic I follow (and am in LOVE with) came out of a 6 month hiatus and is again updating regularly! HUZZAH~! Y!Gallery club page (may not work for everyone)

So Kallipso and I start talking about it and I dig out my Bardock: The Father of Goku DVD which I've owned for years and never watched and after 4 rather rabid bunnies Kallipso and I threw at each other I started to wonder if since I haven't been in the fandome for a few years, if there was any new epic long, good fics out there.

. . . and now I remember why I left the fandom!
F$@#%ing MARY SUES!

You think this, my favorite DBZ comic would have reminded meCollapse )

Anyway, new chapter will be up on Friday. I sent it to Kallipso for approval. :) We'll see if she says ok!

Cover Me Chapter 194

I got Bronchitis over the holiday. Still coughing. Am miserable.

Chapter 194: Idioms and IdiotsCollapse )

PS: Does anyone know what that Spoiler button is next to the Live Journal cut? O.o?

Cover Me: 193

Cover Me

Written By The Black Dragon Queen

Author's Notes: To all who were upset or disappointed over the lack of action the last post, I am sorry if it was not what you were expecting but my muses insisted it be written... just as they insisted this one be written.

And a side note, Rise of the Guardians was AWESOME! Sadly, most of the fiction is mary sues Xp


Chapter 193: Thought ProcessCollapse )

Cover Me: 192


Quick note: Con-Artist643 (kanjicharm on DA) has done a wonderful comic from chapter 150! = http://kanjicharm.deviantart.com/art/Trash-Ejector-330374832

And I can't remember if I mentioned this here or not but this fic is now on Archive of our own! http://archiveofourown.org/users/blackdragonqueen

Chapter 192: What Now?Collapse )